Raafat Ishak is an Egyptian born artist living and working in Melbourne Australia. Raafat is a current PHD candidate at Monash University, where he is undertaking research into Malevich’s Black Square painting from 1915 as well as the black cube of Mecca, drawing a trajectory between two disparate but specific points in time. Raafat’s studio practice over the past 20 years spans a number of collaborations, painting, sculpture and installation. Raafat has regularly shown in Australia and overseas at both public and commercial institutions as well as a number of artists run projects, including Ocular Lab Inc, which he was a founding member of.







Interview with Raafat Ishak by Tom Nicholson, published May 17, 2012.
“ The idea of circling the square to me implies a continuous state of take off, a rotation around a fixed point. This is in turn a suggestion that the cube is inherently a grounded flying machine.” Read more ›