Ahmad Hosni

Ahmad Hosni was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1974. He studied medicine and worked for three years before switching to photography. Since 2004 he has been working as a professional photographer for a variety of national and international publications. His work spans a range of photography fields, from gritty photojournalism to fashion documentary to editorial to art. Hosni’s photographs blend several photographic genres to the point of making his work hard to classify. Lately, he has been taking a cross-disciplinary approach, borrowing from social sciences, anthropology and human geography. He currently lives between Cairo and Barcelona.

amdhosni (at) gmail (dot) com


Interview with Ahmad Hosni by Ursula Biemann, published July 20, 2011.
“Tourism created a practice that set an areal differentiation. It made a South without coordinates, topography or GIS.” Read more ›


Interview with Michael Kennedy by Ahmad Hosni, published October 16, 2011.
“Can we produce images that offer political commentary but do not easily lend themselves to established political rhetoric?” Read more ›